Hier ein Auszug aus dem Griechischen Kitemagazin:

According Lefteris Maniadakis, President of GKRA, letter everything was a misunderstood and we can keep kiteboarding freely in Greece.

The letter:

Dear Sirs,
On behalf of the Greek Kiteboard Riders Association, full member of IKA and the organizers of PKRA in Greece, I would like to inform everyone that, indeed a miswritten circular was issued by the port authorities in Greece which is banning our sport to be held outside the flagged areas of the clubs.

The circular has no legislative value and is violating the constitutional laws of our country.
After a private meeting we had with the Admiral who is the responsible to compose the circulars (unfortunately not this one) for the Greek port authorities, we were assured that it was a miswritten article and that the current status will change within the next few days. As he initially mentioned:
“It could not be worst written and for sure the port police officers will never enforce it until it is settled”.

Greek waters are included among the best kiteboarding destinations worldwide. We intend to keep them that way and ride every single inch of them.

We will keep everyone up to date and inform you as soon as this misunderstanding comes to an end.

With appreciation,

Lefteris Maniadakis
President of GKRA

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