Oliver-Tom Schliemann (G1001) is currently soaking up the sun in Korea waiting for his next heat. The 6 time Junior World Champion and now young PWA rising star sent us this short report from his first few days on the road.

“After an 8 hour car trip to Frankfurt Airport, and a tense and frustrating 2 hour discussion with Korean Air regarding my excess baggage I finally got on the plane to Seoul! I had 125kg instead of allowed 70kg. I searched for the prettiest women at the Korean Air desk and talked with her to start my negotiation, in the end I had to leave some extensions, fins, clothes and protective bags at home to avoid the 1500€ for extra baggage charge that they had been trying to charge me. I did manage to get 107 kg onboard instead of the 70kg that they thought so hopefully nobody from Korean Air is reading this!
I arrived at Seoul a couple of friendly Koreans took care of my bags for me so that I could continue my travel without baggage to Ulsan. I hope on my flight back it will also work out like this :)

Competitive action was due to start on the 14th and right on queue the event started just minutes after the end of registration, we got on the water and started the first elimination with challenging conditions with winds between 5 to 18 knots. I was in heat #4 and took my big stuff with Starboard iSonic 117 Wide, North Warp 8.6qm and BPF 45cm after a good start and after the first mark I was in a safe 4th and not wanting to push it too much I defended my position to cruse into the 2nd round.

Later on the wind dropped so the fleet took to the water for a Fun Race for the visiting VIP´s. The wind was 3 and 7 knots, so I borrowed a 9.3m from a friend and got third just behind Ludo and Steve Allen, nice to get a little prize money too!
At the start of Day 2 I was up in the quarterfinals in a tough heat and sailing with my 7.8qm and iSonic 97 & BPF 37.5cm I was overpowered so I couldn’t really push and ended up 7
th out waiting for the 2nd elimination.  

Not long and we were racing in the 2
nd elimination with very shifty wind between 9 and 27 knots. We all had to take bigger stuff than we normally would, so I kept on the 7.8m and 97 board, which was good for the first heat but killed me again in the quarterfinals.

Race2 Heat1 by chibikke

I am hoping for some light wind races in the next days so that I can improve my result a bit. So far I am quite happy with my results, my equipment is working well and my Black Projects are fast and in perfect in control.

Day 3 looks like there will be no wind so looks like a long day on standby, so hoping for some wind tomorrow and the next days.“ OTS
We look forward to further updates in the coming days.
OTS is sponsored by Starboard, North Sails & Black Project Fins

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